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Integrated Strain Improvement - Process Development

Combining skilled strain improvement with a solid fermentation development program is the fastest and most cost effective way to a commercial process. Our programs typically involve strategies that combine classical, recombinant and proprietary approaches to strain manipulation. Moreover, integrating strain improvement with process development can significantly shorten the delivery time. Almost twenty years of experience in developing fermentation and biocatalytic processes give us a unique perspective on the special challenges associated with developing a commercial process. Each process development program is unique and varies depending upon the starting point, the objectives, and the degree of difficulty in achieving the objectives. Some are long-term development programs, requiring several years for completion. Others can be completed only within several months.


The strain collection of Actygea is a library of strains coming from rare genera of bacteria and fungi, including extremophyles. This collection is a rich source of enzymes for various biotransformations (e.g. cellulases, amylases, esterases, lipases, pectinases, proteases, lacases) that could be of commercial interest. We seek to exploit this opportunity through partnerships with public entities or private companies.

Natural Products

Natural products are an important source of structural diversity for various therapeutic and other uses. Actygea collection of microbial extracts is an exceptionally rich source of natural chemical structures. We seek to investigate the potential of this unique collection in various markets, and exploit opportunities through collaborations with industrial partners.

Early BIRD™ Program

Through the Early BIRD™ (Early Biotechnology Innovation, Research & Development) program we intend to bridge the gap between innovative and commercially interesting research at universities and potential industrial applications in biotechnology. The focus is in particular on the areas that require know-how and experience in bioprocess technology, industrial microbiology and molecular biology.