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We often share our findings in articles in world leading scientific publications. Articles in peer-reviewed publications provide strong validation from the scientific community of Actygea's technologies and discovery. For reprints of our articles please contact directly the corresponding authors.

Di Palo, S., Gandolfi, R., Jovetic, S., Marinelli, F., Romano, D., Molinari, F. A new bacterial mannosidase for the selective modification of ramoplanin and its derivatives. Enzyme Microb Technol. 2007;41:806-811.

F. Beltrametti, Barucco, D., Rossi, R., Selva, E., Marinelli, F. Protoplast fusion and gene recombination in the uncommon actinomycete Planobispora rosea producing GE2270. J. Antibiot. 2007;60(7):447-454

F. Beltrametti, A. Consolandi, L. Carrano, F. Bagatin, R. Rossi, L. Leoni, E. Zennaro, E. Selva, F. Marinelli. 2007. Resistance to glycopeptide antibiotics in the teicoplanin producer is mediated by van gene homologue expression directing the synthesis of a modified cell wall peptidoglycan. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 51: 1135-1141.16  

G. L. Marcone, L. Carrano, F. Marinelli, F. Beltrametti. 2010. Protoplast preparation and reversion to the normal filamentous growth in antibiotic-producing uncommon actinomycetes. J Antibiot. 63:83-88  

G.L. Marcone, F. Beltrametti, E. Binda, L. Carrano, L. Foulston, A. Hesketh, M. Bibb, F. Marinelli. 2010. Novel mechanism of glycopeptide resistance in the A40926 producer Nonomuraea sp. ATCC 39727. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 54:2465-2472  

G.L. Marcone, L. Foulston, E. Binda, F. Marinelli, M. Bibb, F. Beltrametti. 2010. Methods for the genetic manipulation of Nonomuraea sp. ATCC 39727. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 37:1097-1103







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