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Actygea, is a Contract Research Organization committed to the development of microbe-based industrial processes. Actygea develops, on a fee for service base, proprietary bacterial or fungal industrial strains, and fermentation/purification processes. The developed processes are designed for the cost-effective production of commercially interesting metabolites, enzymes and proteins, for biotransformations, or for the simple growth of microorganisms.

Actygea experience is focused on the handling of uncommon actinomycetes for the production of pharmaceutical compounds. We therefore offer unparalleled technical assistance for the de-novo development or industrial set-up of production processes for different compounds of pharmaceutical interest. The specific experience spans from antibiotics (i.e. Teicoplanin, Dalbavancin, Lantibiotics, Thiazolylpeptides) to immunosuppressants (Mycophenolic acid), to lipid control (Lovastatin, Pravastatin), to proteins (Lactoferrin, Transglutaminase), to alkaloid precursors (Lysergic acid).

Due to the long-lasting work experience on antibiotic production, Actygea is able to offer glycopeptides and other antibiotics for research applications at competitive prices. For details see our product list.

Based on an enabling technology portfolio, Actygea was founded in 2007 by the leading scientists, Fabrizio Beltrametti, Marco Pedroli, and Srdjan Jovetic, along with the non-profit Foundation Istituto Insubrico di Ricerca per la Vita (FIIRV). Actygea is located in the Insubrias BioPark, Gerenzano (VA), in the heart of the Lombardy region. Our headquarters house research and development, corporate offices, and a process scale-up unit.